Enhance your home with a bold, new color scheme

Over time, your property's exterior loses its newness factor and can start to look a little worn-down. When you start to notice....

  • Fading or peeling paint
  • Cracking or bubbling paint
  • Damaged wood or stucco

...then it's time to schedule exterior painting services in Sacramento or the surrounding areas. You may also simply be tired of your old paint color and want something different.

When searching for an experienced and reliable exterior house painting contractor, look no further than Bronze Painting Company. We have over 15 years of painting experience and can take your home's exterior from old to bold with an immaculate paint job.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on exterior house painting for your Mather, Elk Grove & Sacramento, CA area property.

When you hire Bronze Painting Company for exterior painting services in Mather, Elk Grove & Sacramento, CA or the surrounding areas, you'll work with local painters who are thorough, detail-oriented and committed to keeping your home clean. We specialize in whole-house painting and do not provide touchup paint services. Before we begin any exterior painting services, we will carefully prep your home. We'll take care of any scraping, pressure washing and surface repairs that are needed to prepare your home's exterior for new paint.

We also provide retail and commercial painting services. Call 916-362-1148 or 916-316-0268 now to discuss your exterior painting needs in Mather, Elk Grove & Sacramento, CA or surrounding areas.

What's Next After Bronze Painting is Done?

What's Next After Bronze Painting is Done?

Maintaining Your New Exterior Paint Job

Maintaining Your New Exterior Paint Job
A quick paint coating inspection and a few simple maintenance steps will keep your paint looking fresh and add years to the life of a paint job.

Inspect your paint coating at least once a year. Following are some paint maintenance tips that can help you extend the life of your exterior paint job and ultimately save you time and money.

Dealing with Mildew and Mold

Exterior Paints can support growth of mildew, particularly after they have weathered for more than a couple of years. Most likely to occur on northern exposure and in shaded and damp areas. Where mildew is found call Bronze Painting or do as follows:

Protect plants and grass
Apply a 3:1 mixture of water: household bleach to the mildewed area plus a one foot margin, using a brush or garden sprayer. Wear eye and skin protection and a respirator.

Allow the mixture to remain on for 15 minutes or so
Rinse off the area thoroughly

Dealing with Dirt and Chalk

Airborne dirt can accumulate on paint and darken it, dirt then becomes a source of food for mildew. Chalky pigment can be released from paint as it weathers, resulting in fading of colors and unsightly rundown. Both dirt and chalk can be removed by scrubbing or power washing.

Scrubbing is best done with a mild detergent and a scrub brush, followed by thorough rinsing. Harsh, alkaline cleaners such as TSP can reduce gloss of alkyd paints and of some latex paints. Power washing is a quick way to put a shine on your house at a fraction of the cost of repainting. If power washing, use care to not lift paint or to damage the substrate. It is an aggressive cleaning method and should not be used more then 1?2 times per year
Watch Out for Cracking and Peeling. It is important to check for this condition of exterior paint in order to catch failures early, and thus minimize subsequent greater paint failures and make repaints more cost effective. Check the paint closely for cracking and peeling, and repair immediately.

Check for cracks around doors, windows and trim; fill with good quality caulking compounds. Peeling often start on caps, window sills and surfaces painted in darker colors; scrape and sand off the loose material, spot prime then touch up.